[TRLog] YO DX HF Contest problems

Jan-Eric Rehn/SM3CER sm3cer@contesting.com
Mon, 7 Aug 2000 19:19:05 -0000


I was "playing" a bit in YO DX HF Contest the last weekend but I couldn't get TR to count the domestic YO multipliers right.

The YO-stations got the ITU-zone in the report window and I had to erase the "28" every time I worked a YO and put their two letter abbreviation there instead. If I wrote BC and then logged the QSO the multiplier showed as BC and was not counted. As I understand the multiplier should have shown Bc. If I worked another station with the same multiplier it showed as a new mult again, but with the wrong BC (both capital letters).

I checked the dom-file "ROMANIA.DOM" and that had only four multipliers. It looked like this:

Ab = AB
Ag = AG
Ar = AR
Bc = BC

It should have been 42 two-letter abbreviations in that file, so I looked up the rules (on SM3CER Contest Service - HI) and made a correct dom-file with all 42 domestic mults. The file looked like this:

Ab = AB
Ag = AG
Ar = AR
Bc = BC
Bh = BH
Bn = BN
Br = BR
Bt = BT
Bu = BU
Bv = BV
Bz = BZ
Cj = CJ
Cl = CL
Cs = CS
Ct = CT
Cv = CV
Db = DB
Dj = DJ
Gj = GJ
Gl = GL
Gr = GR
Hd = HD
Hr = HR
If = IF
Il = IL
Is = IS
Mh = MH
Mm = MM
Ms = MS
Nt = NT
Ot = OT
Ph = PH
Sb = SB
Sj = SJ
Sm = SM
Sv = SV
Tl = TL
Tm = TM
Tr = TR
Vl = VL
Vn = VN
Vs = VS

(Tree! You can copy those lines and use them in ROMANIA.DOM for the next release. Those abbreviations are OK).

It did not help. Still not working. I had been using TR version 6.47.

I installed the new version 6.52 and tried again. Still the same dom-file with only 4 mults, so I changed it to the new one I made, but it didn't work OK. I had been using an old LOGCFG.DAT, so I tried to start TR from "zero", but the same problem.

I even tried a tric I learned a couple of years ago. I added some extra lines into the config file like this:


...but no luck. It still didn't work.

The mults for all the stations outside YO worked fine (ITU zones). But if you worked a station in your own country you got 2 points. Only the zone should count and you should get 0 points.

>From the rules:

- - - - -
8 pts for a QSO with a YO station
4 pts for a QSO with a station outside the own continent
2 pts for a QSO with a station within the own continent
0 pts for a QSO with a station within the own country

RS(T) plus zone number according to ITU.
YO stations will send two letters representing the county after the RS(T)

Sum of ITU zones and YO counties worked on each band including own ITU zone.
- - - - -

Now I have to count all the domestic YO mults by hand, change the 2 points to 0 for the QSOs with own country and recalculate the log.

I just wonder if I did something wrong or if it just didn't work as I was expecting?

Any solutions for YO DX HF Contest 2001?

73 de Jan

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