[TRLog] packet spot key

Gilbert Baron gbaron@home.com
Mon, 7 Aug 2000 20:34:18 -0500

I hope that you do not think I meant to pirate the program. I am and have
for a long time been a registered user. I like the program. It is VERY
difficult and obscure, but does what you want. You can get support. I just
think that it goes overboard in the protection schemes. If someone wants to
crack something they going to do it anyhow but I doubt there are a lot of
people in ham Radio  (the only reasonable sere of this program) that would
want to.
I DO NOT think piracy is good, My comment was just that it makes us
registered users pay the price at times for the occasional or frequent ??

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>Hi George, thanks for the quick reply
>>This is already there - just turn on:
>We have it on to edit out the first word "DX" and
>change it to "KL7RA" so that the packet spot
>will flow on the network to the packet software
>and onto the internet.
>The question is can "DX" be changed to my call
>by the program and if that is possible then it may
>require a "safety" click. We use the edit spot
>function now for that.
>73 Rich
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>> On Mon, Aug 07, 2000 at 08:51:51AM -0800, KL7RA Fairbanks, Alaska
>> > spot key in error while running. It might be that the spot
>> > key should only work in the s/p mode or have a "are you
>> > sure" double key stroke.
>> >
>> This is alredy there - just turn on:
>> This is in the ctl-j menu.
>> Try it you will like it.
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