[TRLog] Help with my Memory

Richard Zalewski w7zr@redrivernet.com
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 07:22:19 -0700

I am having memory problems...with my computer.  Here are parameters:

Running Windows 98- FIRST edition
98M of memory
TR V 6.51

1.  When I start up windows and shell out to DOS and start TR to run WAE I have
55376 of memory.  Should be no problem

2.  When I do a command prompt only boot, I get the message "not enough memory
for prefix rec!!" and the program crashes.

3.  When I do a shut down to dos prompt I get the same message as # 2 above.

My autoexec.bat is:
Path= C:\windows;D:\amateur\trlog;C:\Windows\Command

My config.sys is:

Any help here will be much appreciated.

Check my web site www.w7zr.com

Check my web site www.w7zr.com

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