[TRLog] On/Off Command and Wish List

KZ5D@aol.com KZ5D@aol.com
Wed, 23 Aug 2000 07:40:06 EDT

While operating in the NAQP this past week-end, I couldn't get the Time 
On/Off Command to work. Put the command ont he callsign lign, hit Enter...and 
nothing happened.  Had to keep time by hand.  I'm using 6.50.  Anyone else 
notice this?

Also would like to have an additional option to show hourly rate for the 
contest.  NA offers this(I believe it's CTRL F9).  It's a graph showing hour 
by hour rates.  This is particularly motivating when operating in a contest 
and things slow down.  If you can compare how you've done in other hours vs. 
present one, there's incentive to forge ahead. 

Tree, any chance of adding the Lousiana QSO Party to the list of contests?  
It's set for last week-end in Sept.

Thanks and 73,
Art, KZ5D 

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