[TRLog] Shift Keys, frequency changes, the switch to CQ mode

Fullgraf, Chuck fullgraf@kcc.com
Wed, 23 Aug 2000 07:16:45 -0500

Recently, I discovered that the shift keys would change the frequency in S&P
mode on my FT-900. (one of the cool features of TR is there is always
something else to discover!) So, I decided to experiment with the feature
during the NAQP to see if I liked it. I ran into a operating problem with
the feature turned on though.

Because I'm a bit too liberal with the use of the escape key, I turn off the
feature where escape returns TR to CQ mode. I used to jump from S&P mode to
CQ mode when I did not want to. But, with the shift keys to change frequency
feature turned on, the radio changes frequencies while I'm trying to go from
S&P to CQ mode (the shift-tab command). That kind of messes up the run
frequency that I just discovered.

Is there a third way to go from S&P to CQ mode? If not, I can adjust my
operating habits, there is no need to change the program. Also, I'm still
experimenting with the frequency change feature and long term may not use it

Chuck, KE4OAR

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