[TRLog] Re: On/Off Command

NR1DX nr1dx@cyberportal.net
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 11:31:18 +0000

I use <CTRL>< N> (to enter a note in the log) then type in <OFF 12:33z> and

Then when I come back to the rig its;

<CTRL>< N> again  and then type <ON 13:22Z><ENTER>

Takes all of 10 seconds..... and the on /off times are part of the
log.....Yea you have to go back and calculate the total on /off at the end.
But I think most contesters pretty well "plan" before the contest on when
the on/off times are going to be anyway so should be no surprises here....


At 07:12 AM 8/24/00 -0400, KZ5D@aol.com wrote:>
>Thanks all for the enlightenment.  I had not noticed that Tree removed this 
>Tree, what are you going to do to keep track of the 6 hours off time in the 
>SS.  Seems like writing notes on a slip of paper is all that's available.  
>What a shame, since we are sitting right in front of a perfectly capable 
>I don't know about you guys, but in the heat of battle, I want to operate 
>every possible minute and depending on accurate compiling of 33 mins here
>41 minutes there, etc. is old hat.
>Surely there must be a better way.
>What do you offer Tree?
>Art, KZ5D
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