[TRLog] No DOS box in Windows Millenium? That true?

Guy Olinger, K2AV k2av@contesting.com
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 19:26:02 -0400

Can't find it at the moment but saw something that there is no DOS
prompt in Windows ME, the replacement for W98. Guess we will have to get
good at dual boots or something.

One of the real problems in dual booting back to DOS in an environment
where all except contest operating in W98 is keeping an un-winnified
logical drive that can be read by DOS.

Anybody hear something? False rumor? Or is there something for DOS to
read long filenames, FAT32 and work with large drive support?

OS/2, Linux, NT and Win 2K all can introduce "system pauses" which
create ugly breaks in TR's rhythm.

Any way in Linux to shove TR to system priority to eliminate the pauses?

Or Win 98 forever?

Or TR for Windows?  (Lewallen finally gave up and did EZNEC, though I
think he used up a seventeen year supply of cuss words doing it.  BTW,
his Windows implementation is slick and it is definitely FASTER than the
old version running in a DOS box. )

- - . . .   . . . - -     .   . . .     - - .   . - . .

73, Guy
Apex, NC, USA

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