SV: [TRLog] Repeatable cw messages?

Jan-Eric Rehn/SM3CER
Sun, 27 Aug 2000 00:04:38 -0000

Hello Ben,

That feature with automaticly repeated messages has been there since long ago.

Press Alt-Q
You'll get a message saying:
   Press the memory key you want to repeat

In this example I choose F2 and press the F2-button.

Next yo'll get a message saying:
   Number of seconds of listening time :

I choose f i 3 seconds and press the 3-button and then Enter.
When I press Enter the CW-message starts transmitting and I'll see this message:
   Repeating F2  Listen time = 3.0 - PgUp/Dn to adjust or ESCAPE

When the CW-message is finished you listen for answers to your CQ and you'll see the "Listen time" count up every half second for 3 seconds, than the CW-message starts all over again.

If you get an answer during the 3 seconds you only have to start typing the call and the automatic CQ is disabled and you work the QSO in the usual way. If you get no callers after that QSO you can start the automatic CQ with the former configuration simply with pressing Alt-C.

(I'm using this feature just now in TOEC WW GRID Contest as the activity isn't to high at the moment).

Good luck!

73 de Jan

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Ämne: [TRLog] Repeatable cw messages?

> Hello -
>      Is it possible to repeat CQ messages without pressing any buttons?  I 
> couldn't find it in the manual, but what I would like to do is just have the 
> CQ message sent, and then after a couple seconds or so, it is sent again.  
> Until I press a button like ESC, then It would keep going.  Is this possible?
> Thanks,
> Ben - NW7DX
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