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First of all: Happy New Year everybody!

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> > switching rig filters from programmed function keys.
> > is this possible for the ft1000mp?
> > if so, how?
> > any info welcome - preferably positive.
> It is possible to do this by using the special function key commands
> to send a message to your radio.  However, since Yaesu uses binary
> characters (non printable ASCII) as part of their command structure,
> it is much more difficult to do than the Kenwood interface (which
> only uses printable characters).

I did some experimenting and found it can be done, but indeed is rather

First, program a function key with a dummy command.
The following is pasted from some release notes and changed a bit:

- Added way to send a string to radio serial interface ports.   These
   are message commands, so you would program a function key to send
   a message to the radio as follows:

   <control-C>SRS=message<control-D>  - Sends message to active radio.
   <control-C>SRS1=message<control-D> - Sends message to radio 1.
   <control-C>SRS2=message<control-D> - Sends message to radio 2.

   Please see section 4.2 of the manual for more information on how
   to use the control-C and control-D commands in a CW message.

   For example, if you wanted to program a key to make your FT1000MP
   radio use the narrow CW filter on 8.83 MHz, you would first program the
   following message:


   You would program this by using the Alt-P command to access the
   function key you want to program.  Then press control-P followed
   by control-C to enter the control-C character, then type "12345",
   then control-P and control-D to finish the command.
<end modified quote>

On the screen , your command now looks like <Heart>SRS=12345<Diamond>
12345 are just dummies for the actual bytes to be sent to the MP which
cannot be entered from the keyboard.

Now leave TR and load your logcfg.dat into an hex editor that shows you the
contents of the file in hex code (an in ASCII next to it). I do this with a
freeware Norton Commander clone. Go to the last line of the file. There is
the command you just entered.
The   =12345   in hex is represented by
3D 31 32 33 34 35
Now get your Yaesu manual and replace the 31 to 35 with the proper values of
bytes X1 to X5 respectively for the desired command.

E. g. to set the 8.83 MHz filter to 500Hz on VFO A, replace the 31 by 01,
the 34 by 02 and the 35 by 8C. Bytes X2 and X3 are "don't care", so you can
leave them unchanged.

In hex code your command now looks like
... 03  73 72 3D 01 32 33 02 8C 04 and in ASCII
... <Heart>SRS=<smiley>23<reverse smiley><i-circumflex> <Diamond>

When you restart TR, it should be working.

You can program multiple commands into one function key.

You could also try to program from inside TR:
Ctrl-P and then Alt-001 on the numpad gives the 01 <smiley> character etc.,
but then you have to transfer everything to decimal values (yet another
code), and it takes a lot of mental arithmetic to find out that 8C is 140
and so on.

I do have problems addressing the 455 kHz filter, can't figure out why.

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