[TRLog] TRLog with FT1000MP

Thomas R. Williams n2cu@buffnet.net
Fri, 07 Jan 2000 20:07:16 -0800

Hi guys,

When I purchased TRLog a couple of years ago, I thought it was the best
investment I ever made in ham stuff. Now I feel even more so. I just
received my new FT1000MP two days ago. I had been using a 22 year old
TS-820S which I bought new at Dayton '78.

Came home today and plugged in a serial cable, and added a footswitch.
Loaded up TRLog and enabled the newest goodie (for me); bandmap. This is
really cool. Don't care for the compressed screen format although I
realize it's needed to squeeze in all the information. Can't wait for
tomorrow to try it out for real.

My question is regarding RIT on the 'MP. Whether I'm in S&P or CQ mode,
the SHIFT keys tune VFO A, and don't do anything with the RIT. Is RIT
not supported for this radio?

Keep up the good work, Tree.

Tom N2CU <><

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