[TRLog] on/off malfunction

BenNW7DX@aol.com BenNW7DX@aol.com
Sun, 9 Jan 2000 13:34:31 EST

    The Exact same thing happened to me when I tried the \off.  I did the 
same as you and just used the Note function.  
    Maybe I am doing something wrong though.  Is there more to do, to stop 
the time than just typing \off?


<< I hope no one else had this problem...
 I went to set my off time during NAQP( \off) nothing happened. Tryed (/off)
 wanted to log a call, still no time off. On time was the same result
 nothing... I resorted to using my note function to note my off time. I am
 using 6.46. Did anyone else have this issue??
 Chris KB3A

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