[TRLog] printing lables with post

Steven J. Litwins Steven J. Litwins" <litwins@badsector.com
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 12:52:29 -0600

TR users--I need some advice.  This appliesto anybody with experience
printing lables with TR Post.

First: The lables mentioned in the text are Avery 4410--31/2 x 15/16.  But
does not say how many per line etc.  Anybody know what works?

Next: Avery 4410s don't seem to be on the market anymore.  Anybody know of a

Finally:  I want to print 3 QSOs for a single station on each lable.
Anybody with experience with this?  Also, has the lable program in Post
changed from 6.32 which I'm using to the present 6.47 (whatever)?  6.32
works fb fer me so I don't need to fix anything right now but will consider
putting up a newer version if any expansion in post to account for lable
size,number on page etc.

Tnx, 73, steve, k8wk

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