Ron D. Rossi rrossi@btv.ibm.com
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 17:36:35 -0500

>>>n6tr@teleport.com said:
> > I'll try this one again.  Thanks to Don, VE6JY I understand how to 
> > get the message to update.  I'm still having trouble with the position 

What is the secret to having the data display? Empirically it was show upon 
the first keystroke on the receiving computer after F1 was pressed.
> > it gets drawn on the screen.  We used it for a M/2 during phone 
> > NAQP and wound up having use other, less convenient, means of 
> > knowing what the other guy's frequency/etc was.  With 4 or 5 
> > copies of the string on the screen at once showing different data 
> > the feature wasn't too useful. 
> This shouldn't be normal operation.  The only possible explanation
> I can think of at this moment is the unstability that was fixed
> in the latest release.  What release are you seeing this failure?
> Can you reproduced it with 6.47?

I had the freq info show up multiple times using 6.47. There were never 
multiple copies from the same band, but there was a copy for each band I had 
been on in no discernable order.

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