[TRLog] TRLog & Windows98

John Dvoracek jdvoracek@vvm.com
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 08:23:16 -0600

I don't have a full answer, but I have a work-around.  I noticed the same
behavior, and it has something to do with how WIN 98 sets the DOS
environment variable PATH when you call up a DOS window.  In my case, it
seems that PATH was always set to the windows working directory.  If you put
a PATH statement in an AUTOEXEC.BAT directory, that may get executed when
you first boot, but then WIN 98 changes the PATH, and there seems to be no
way to change it back automatically when you call up a DOS window.  Someone
correct me on this is there is!

So, the work-around I use is to call up a DOS window, change the working
directory at the DOS prompt (CD C:\TRLOG\CONTESTS in my case), then type
C:\TRLOG\TR to get TR going.  Actually, I do both in a .BAT file in my C:
root directory known as TR.BAT, so the actually sequence is CD C:\ <enter>,
TR <enter>.

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