[TRLog] TRLog & Windows98

NR1DX nr1dx@cyberportal.net
Sun, 23 Jan 2000 12:24:50 +0000

At 02:15 AM 1/23/00 +0000, Pete Smith wrote:

>Because most of my contesting is CW, I've noticed that when running TR in a
>DOS window occasionally the CW gets "slurry" for a second or two -- seems
>as if Windows is doing something in the background that steals CPU cycles.
>While I'm asking Win98 questions, does anyone know how to stop the machine
>from periodically thrashing the (empty) floppy drive?  It acts as if it is
>trying to read the directory from it, and retrying a number of times before
>73, Pete Smith N4ZR

Actually both problems are likely due to the same culprit ... a little
program called "Findfast" which Windoze helpfully (?) installs in the
background under certain install situations (possibly during the
installation of Microsoft office apps). It's been a awhile since I
eliminated it so I don't remember everything involved but start by finding
<findfast.exe> and renaming or erasing that. There is another step which I
don't remember which involves making sure that WIN98 doesn't load findfast
during boot up. I think you will find the mysterious calls to the Floppy
drive and the occasional CW slowdowns will go away when running TRLog in a
DOS Window once findfast is put to sleep.

NR1DX (ex K9NX, N7EX and N0DH)

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