[TRLog] Win98, floppy drive thrashing and TR CW

Pete Smith n4zr@contesting.com
Sun, 23 Jan 2000 16:33:24 +0000

For the reflector's info, the culprit is Findfast, which is loaded by
Microsoft Office and made a part of your start-up group in Win 95 and 98.
If you wish not have your floppy drive moan all the time, you need to
delete all document shortcuts that point to the A: drive.  To do this, run
Start|Find and find files named *.lnk;*.pif which contain the text A:.
This will find all such shortcuts.  All except the one labeled "Send to"
can be deleted, at which point Windows should stop thrashing the floppy
drive.  Then resist the temptation to open documents or programs directly
on the floppy drive and no new shortcuts will be created.  Thanks to WA8WV
for the specifics on this one.

It seems very likely that Findfast is also the culprit with the CW
"slurring," though I haven't tested that yet.  In any case, it's easy
enough to close Findfast by hitting CTL+ALT+DEL and ending its task before
starting a TR session.

Thanks to the "too many to mention" other guys who put me on the right

73, Pete Smith N4ZR

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