[TRLog] TRLog & Windows98

Pete Smith n4zr@contesting.com
Thu, 27 Jan 2000 08:46:28 -0500

At 08:57 PM 1/26/2000 -0500, Francis Flynn wrote:
>Even with windows 98, you can have your machine boot to good old familiar DOS
>Edit the msdos.sys file, which in windows 95 or 98 isn't really a sys file
>it was back in
>DOS 6.22 and before days, it's really an ascii text file.
>To edit this you first have to change the file's attributes by using the
>command like this:
>attrib c:\msdos.sys -r -a -s -h
>This unsets all four of the attributes, then bring it up into any kind of
>editor you like,
>msdos edit works ok and change the line  "BootGUI=1" to "BootGUI=0"
>(that's zero not 'oh')
>Then put TR in your autoexec.bat.  If you don't have, create one with the
>text editor.
>(Windows95 and up doesn't need an  autoexec.bat or config.sys, but will work
>with one if it's there)
>If you want to run windows, quit TR and type 'win' at the prompt.
>You don't have to, but you can set the attributes back again  (attrib
>+r +a +s +h)
>This is what I do on my laptop with Win98 installed, it's good if you have to
>reboot TR
>for any reason.  You don't have to sit and wait while all the GUI junk
loads up.

I hate messing with system files unless it's essential, and in this case
there's really no need.  If you're running TR and the machine crashes for
any reason, just hold down F8 while it reboots.  When that gives you a
screen with the safe mode options, select "command prompt" and you're back
in DOS again right away, without all the GUI junk.

73,  Pete N4ZR

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