[TRLog] DOS Networking Software

dick@pobox.com dick@pobox.com
Wed, 01 Mar 2000 22:11:06 -0600

1 MAR, 2000 - 2205 CST

I know that DOS networking may sound like an oxymoron to a lot of you,
but I have the Novell networking software that will do it.  I have 3
units of Novell Personal Networking software which will enable one to
network three DOS-based computers.

This software (3.5" disks) has never been registered and comes with all 
documentation, including registration cards in its original boxes.

I am asking $25 plus shipping for the lot.  Shipping costs will vary from
a minimum of about $6 to as much as ??? depending on where you are located
and how fast you want it.

- Dick Isely, W9GIG

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