[TRLog] TR wont run

kl7ra kl7ra@blizzard.gcgo.nasa.gov
Wed, 8 Mar 2000 22:23:03 -0900

Yo TRLog contesters

I can't get TRLog to run on 5 different machines. This is my error
but hoping
someone knows why. They all worked before I "fixed" them.

A few weeks ago I wanted to make all the PCs the same in the
network I run
for M/M. I reformatted the hard drives (fdisk) and installed DOS

TRLog will crash after a short time and always when I (CTL J) to
the menu and
scan down the page.  The sixth machine will not crash and the hard
disc is
identical as the others except it was the "donor" of 6.22.

I have tried all the normal stuff with the config files/ smartdrv/
upper memory  etc.

If I see an error it looks like a Pascal error reporting stack

I just reloaded one with DOS 6 thinking I had a bad copy of 622
and it acts the

I "think" MS might protect DOS somehow and you just can't download
command.com to a bootable floppy, but It seems to me I have done
this before
with dos 4 or 5.

The local pc store doesn't have 622 and of course wants to know
why I would!!

Any help?

I have reinstalled all the old 486-50's and I'm not messing with

Rich KL7RA

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