[TRLog] Lockups

Grant Mitchell mitchell_g@popmail.firn.edu
Sun, 19 Mar 2000 12:32:04 -0500

I have shared this info with Tree and he suggested I also share it with
the reflector.

I have been a user for several years.  I have several 386/486 laptops
and have always had a lock-up problem from time to time using TRLog in
them (DOS 6.22, no WINDOWS).  No problem with my 486 PC (same setup).
Using ver 6.25 seemed to work better, but would still lock up once in

I am doing my annual vacation as V21CW next month and wanted to use ver
6.48 so loaded it in one of them.  Locks up if I try to increase the
sending speed too quickly (page up) or in CTRL_J trying to page down too
fast.  Tried 2 other laptops and same thing.  Went back to ver 6.47 and
also 6.46 but same thing.  I tried re-formatting the HD and only
installed DOS 6.22, added BUFFERS=40 and FILES=50 to the CONFIG.SYS
file.  Same problem, but I saw an error message come up about the
README.TXT file in EMM386 (DOS) so took a look.  Under MemMaker, EMM386,
2.7, it indicated the error code I was getting (error #12) and told me
to put  "STACKS=18,512" in the CONFIG.SYS file.  I tried this and so far
no more lockups!!   I then took a look at the CONFIG.SYS file in my 486
PC and sure enough it has "STACKS=9,256" in it. Don't know why the
numbers are different, but my laptop seems to work fine now.  I have
only tested this for a few hours so far so not sure it's a cure-all.
Might be just my application, but, if you are experiencing some strange
lockups, you might want to try this.

73, Grant

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