[TRLog] Labrador in ARRL DX

LRod@pobox.com LRod@pobox.com
Mon, 20 Mar 2000 18:36:13 -0000

> I was using ver 6.48 in ARRL DX from SK3W. When working a VO2 (yes there were
> a few around) and entering LB as abbreviation for Labrador did the program
> change it to LA (Louisiana)! The way to get the province ok was to enter VO2
> as the exchange. I would prefer it to accept LB as it does accept
> abbreviations for the other provinces. 

Just edit the .DAT file to add it. I do this all the time. As an air traffic controller, 
SDG just doesn't get it for San Diego for me, so I add SAN. There are a couple 
of others I do that for that escape me at the moment.

If memory serves, you can simply add your preference to the list with the use of 
a semicolon, leaving the other options there. Take a look at the file to see how 
other options (i.e. VE2, QUE, PQ) are done and mimic that format.

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