[TRLog] Problem in Russian DX Contest

Thu, 23 Mar 2000 15:40:57 -0500

Hello All,
During the above contest last weekend I had a problem and not sure what
this is all about...
The free memory (top right corner) was fluctuating from about 10000
to 1000 and once program crashed... Message "Not enough memory for
initial exchange array" appeared in the comments field (where usually
the "menu" is) and stayed there for the rest of the contest beeping
after every "return".

My computer:
Pentium 200MMX, 16Mb RAM, Soundblaster-16 card.
I run TR from DOS (using System Commander I select the operating
system). CVB TSR (Contest Voice Blaster) was loaded. 
I did use identical setup in other contests without any problems.
Any ideas?
Thank you.
Vitaly (VE6JO)

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