[TRLog] CQP POST Scoring glitch v6.50

Dave Hachadorian k6ll@juno.com
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 15:39:49 -0600

During the CQP contest, several stations were roaming to different
counties. I just logged them as dupes, planning to fix them

After the contest, using an ASCII editor, I changed the callsigns of
these stations to make them unique to the county they were in.

Here's the problem:
After doing the editing, I ran POST P, and the dupes were removed,
but the QSO's were still listed and counted as zero points, so
the number of valid QSO's did not match the computed number of QSO
points on the summary sheet.

I had to go back into the log with the ASCII editor and change all the
wrong zero's to 2's or 3's. After that, the score was computed
correctly on the summary sheet.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

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