[TRLog] Runtime Error 201

Dave Earnest k7jj@arrl.net
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 08:52:22 -0800

I am running 6.53 from the DOS prompt using Win 98. TRlog ran flawlessly
during CQWW this past weekend.

Now I am setting up for SS. As soon as I hit F1 and the message
completes, I get runtime error 201, which says stack overflow,
insufficient memory. I appear to have plenty of memory when typing MEM
from the command prompt. My Win 98 Config.sys file has only 2 lines:
Stacks=18,512 and Files=40.

I have the minimum *.cfg enabled, including a line with the simulator.

Any ideas?

73, Dave

David E. Earnest

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