[TRLog] WRTC-2000 Awards - Results

Robert Bajuk s57aw@bit.si
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 12:07:43 +0200

Hi !

WRTC-2000 is history now; HI ... but we didn't forget our promises about
WRTC awards, T-shirts, plaques, diplomas etc...584 logs have been received
all together.

TNX to Larry, N6TW for the job very well done for all the computer
cross-checking. All the logs received have been checked very similar as CQ

The final results are listed on our home page http://wrtc2000.bit.si/  or
direct URL http://wrtc2000.bit.si/awards1.htm

PSE give us sime time for preparing and sending all those awards.

Please contact me at s57aw@hamradio.si for any additional information.

73 de Robert, S57AW
WRTC-2000 Committee


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