[TRLog] mutiple bands = false

kl7ra kl7ra@blizzard.gcgo.nasa.gov
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 07:13:27 -0800

A nice feature during the slow times on Sunday morning is the 
QSO information window. This allows the ops at each position
of the multi-multi to ask the casual stations to work us on a 
different band if needed. However this feature is turned off
at each position to prevent band switching errors by the
command Multiple bands = false.

Is it possible to have the info window not related to the multiple
bands command for multi-multi?

Note to Doc:
If you make Multi bands  false to prevent band switching errors, 
the mult and qso information windows disappear. It takes a 
long time to find what command did it!!  If Tree decides this is 
a lot of code to change and leaves it the way it is then it would
be helpful to add this information to the paragraph below.

Thanks Rich KL7RA 

Values: True or False Default: CONTEST dependent
These switches control the ability to change bands or modes while working the contest. If
you are working a single mode or single band contest, it is recommended that the
corresponding flag be set to FALSE. This will prevent you from changing band or mode
accidentally during the contest. Before you make your first QSO, you will be able to set
the band and mode regardless of the status of these flags.

add ---> These flags = false shutoff the Mult/qso information windows. 

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