[TRLog] repartitioning

Fran Flynn fflynn@adelphia.net
Tue, 03 Apr 2001 00:06:10 -0400

Do a back up first!  By this I mean back up *anything* that you might
want to keep, just in case.  If you lose a FAT, you lose everything
on your drive.  I use a tape drive for backup.  

Too bad Mickeysoft is trying to pretend that Dos never existed.

> Real simple fix...
> Make a partition on the drive that has enough room as a FAT partition (in
> case you have NTFS already...you will have to start over - or use Partition
> Magic) Many laptops have a small FAT partition depending on the
> manufacturer. Put TR on the FAT partition. Make a boot floppy and the FAT
> partition should be drive C. I think that will do it.

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