[TRLog] Re: MFJ Keyer

AE0Q V31RY v31ry@ix.netcom.com
Sun, 15 Apr 2001 17:49:29 -0600

 NY4I wrote:
>Does anyone have a source for the connector on the back of the MFJ voice
>keyer? Or should I just buy it from MFJ? Also, someone had a schematic for
>using it with TR. Is it is around, could I get a copy of it.

Hello Tom,

  The connector is called type MTA (by AMP) and uses a special tool to
press the wires into the back of pins in the connector body.  They can
probably be pushed in with a small screwdriver, but I've never tried.

  I have a handful of the 8-pin connectors and the tool, and some 7
conductor double shielded cable (foil and braid), only 7 pins are used on
the DVK connector.
  I've used it to make an optically isolated interface for TRlog to key the
MFJ-434 DVK, putting 3 ft of cable on the DVK end and 2 feet on the PC end
(using the end of a 25-pin printer cable) with the circuit in a metal
mini-box in the middle.

  If anyone wants one, I can put the MTA connector on a 3 ft piece of the
shielded cable and mail it in a padded envelope for $5.00.  Either the MFJ
schematic (using transistors) or opto-couplers can be used for an
interface, I'll put a schematic of mine on my web site in a few days.  The
pinouts for TRlog are shown in the back of the TRlog manual.

73 - Glenn

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