[TRLog] Cabrillo format for ARRL 10-meter contest has wrong exchange

Pete Smith n4zr@contesting.com
Thu, 26 Apr 2001 07:26:14 -0400

At 10:28 PM 4/25/01 EDT, RPClifton@aol.com wrote:

"...Once again, there seems to be questions raised about the cabrillo
output from TR Log.  I purchased a computerized logging program so I
wouldn't have to 
worry about things like this!  Users shouldn't have to run every cabrillo 
output through a text editor to see if it conforms to the cabrillo spec, but 
I'm getting worried that this is, in fact, the case.   

In fairness to the software developer, there are many contests and it may be 
hard to accommodate all.  I would suggest a rigorous verification for each 
cabrillo format offered in TR and making the cabrillo output unavailable for 
contests that have not yet been verified."

I think you'll find that of the major logging programs, TR Log has had the
least difficulty producing correct Cabrillo output.  I'd characterize this
as an isolated glitch rather than "once again..."  

It's also worth noticing that contest sponsors (CQ for one) have violated
the original standard in their own requirements.  Hopefully these will all
turn out to have been just growing pains.

73, Pete N4ZR
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