[TRLog] TR comments

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Sun, 5 Aug 2001 17:19:48 -0700

> In the manual it says that if I want to log someone without sending any CW
> I do this with CONTROL-ENTER.  I did not find this to always be true.  
> This appears to only be the case if you have sent the exchange.  If you
> have not sent the exchange, and hit CONTROL-ENTER it dumps the report.  

Hmm - I am not aware of anytime that Control-Enter sends CW.  I'll
have to check.

> So, I would like to know if you assume that I am making a QSO and I do all
> the sending with my paddles to complete the QSO process.... what key
> sequence do I hit to log the callsign and the exchange I have enteered but
> not sent?


> One other thing...  Why is alternate-CQ programmed in to ALT-F3?  Seems
> like this should be a choice:
> I was wanting to program this key to send my name on the inactive radio,
> F3 would send my name on the active radio.  So my memories would be:
> F2 - Full exchange    ALT-F2 - Full exchange inactive radio
> F3 - Name             ALT-F3 - Name on inactive radio
> F4 - State            ALT-F4 - State on inactive radio

Those keys would be useful during the middle of the QSO, or 
while you are in the EXCHANGE mode.  TR has a differnet set
of definitions for the function keys at this time.  

I program EXCHANGE Alt-F2 to ask for the exchange, Alt-F3 to 
ask for the name and Alt-F4 to ask for the QTH.  I don't see
a need to have keys programmed to do this on the inactive radio,
as the two radio mode takes care of that automatically.  If you 
press Alt-F3 to ask for the name again, your CQ on the other 
radio will be aborted, it will ask for the name on the correct 
radio, and then relaunch your CQ.


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