[TRLog] Using TRLog with the Elecraft K2 & KIO2

Tom Hammond NěSS n0ss@earthlink.net
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 18:26:35 -0500


I just spent way too much time with Wayne (N6KR, of Elecraft) trying to 
figure out why my K2 w/KIO2 serial interface wasn't polling or updating 
data properly when used with TRLog v6.58 or v6.95 (probably others as well).

Turns out that TRLog will not poll the K2 properly if TRLog is run from a 
DOS window.

It functions properly(!) if TRLog is run from a DOS boot, either directly 
from power-up or if Rebooted to DOS from within Windows.

When attempting to run TRLog from a DOS Window, the symptoms I was getting 

1) Failure to routinely update the displayed
    frequency while tuning the VFO
2) Blanking of the frequency display as the
    VFO was being tuned, and then lengthy (up
    1:30) pauses before the new frequency was
3) Periodic failure to update band changes when made
    from the K2
4) Display of the wrong band when changed from
    within TRLog

All of these symptoms dieappeared as soon as I rebooted directly to DOS.

Just a note of caution to Elecraft K2 owners, and for the information of 
Tree (N6TR).

73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS

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