[TRLog] footswitch and packet cluster problem

Scott Johns petvet@erie.net
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 20:41:52 -0500

Hi everyone,

I didn't get any responses that answered the questions, so I'm re-posting
and hoping for some help. Thanks in advance!

I am using a dedicated 486 machine with dos version 6.

I have my footswitch on LPT1, which I wired onto the un-used pins inside my
top ten band decoder.  Have the footswitch set to mimic alt D dupe check.
When I engage the footswitch it takes several moments before the task shows
on the screen.  Sometimes I have to hit it a few times or hold it to get the
action.  In testing, this occurs both with or without the pull-up resistor
wired to pin 14.  Voltage on pin 14 is 5 v, and voltage on pin 15 is 5v.

For the packet port, I have a KPC3plus on serial 4.  I am able to see the
kantronics "turn on" info when I set the baud at 1200.  But not all the
letters what they should be, and the text is offset abnormally staggered
towards the right (ie. not in a nice column).  This occurs whether I use the
7 bit or eight bit setting.

Any ideas on either problem greatly appreciated.

73, Scott W3TX

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