[TRLog] Newbie TR operation questions

Paul, VE3ZT ve3bbh@interlog.com
Wed, 07 Feb 2001 21:31:07 -0500

Hi Rick,

Re below: I use Windows '95, and can run 2 different contest, at the same
time, using the same Com:1 port. No hangups yet.

Create separate subdirectories for each contest, copy TR.exe and the
Overlay file to EACH sub-directory and any .Dom files that TR-Log might
look for. Create 2 Shortcuts to the Desktop, Rename each, and double-click
each icon. Press and hold the "Windows" key and tab between contests. Works
like old cheese with my FT-1000MP. It's just like being in a full-screen
DOS session, but this way I can operate 2 contest simultateously. TR-Log
looks and behaves just as though I had loaded up in DOS. I tried it with 3
contests, but the "third" contest didn't work properly. I operated the
CQ160 and REF contests for the entire weekend, sent and received e-mail,
went to several websites--TR-Log performed flawlessly.

73, Paul

>* Anyone know how to get a full-screen display under Win98 simulated DOS?
Even in so-called "full screen" mode, it only occupies about a third of the
screen area with black all around. I suspect real DOS would help, but I
won't be able to find a DOS boot disk that works with my IBM 600 laptop
between now and Sprint. (There was recent advice to hit F8 repeatedly while
booting Win98 to force it into a calmer form of DOS. I'll try that tonight
when I get home.)
>/Rick N6XI

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