[TRLog] CQWW and CW

Barry Martz k8bkdx@chartermi.net
Tue, 20 Feb 2001 22:43:25 -0500

I played in the contest for the first time in quite awhile.  I had one thing
happen that was strange.

One of the few times I called CQ, I was working a R9AF or something like
that.  I hit R89AF and went to
make the change by hitting TAB, all of a sudden, my radio zipped to 7300 in
CW mode.  I'm not sure
why but it never did it again.

I also had the problem of using the SHIFT key but for inserting a ? at the
end of the call.

For programming F-KEYS, I have made F12=NEXTBANDMAP,  F11=S/P or CQ mode,
I programmed MODE into the F-KEY and disabled the ESCAPE key MODE switch.

I hate to ask this again, but was there a BAD POST program just recently?
Which POST is good?  I
was trying to add names and it worked for awhile but I got a runtime error.

73 de Barry/K8BK

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