SV: [TRLog] CW problems

Clive Whelan
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 18:20:38 GMT

Hi Eric

I was puzzled by your reference to having to use Shift F7 to get 
/ as a European problem. Perhaps it is a function of SM or other 
keyboards, but not Eu per se.

In your autoexec.bat file, if you add the line "keyb uk" then 
isn't it possible to get the / character as a single key stroke 
using the key immediately to the left of the right hand shift 
key? No doubt "keyb us " would do the same thing.

I know that it was David/G3YXX who asked for the / character not 
to be counted in AUTO SEND CHARACTER COUNT, but I must say that 
I find this a nuisance and would prefer not to have it. Perhaps 
I have missed how to disable it? There is no way that I can get 
e.g. W7/DL3OI into the keyboard quickly enough, and my brain 
doesn't react quickly enough to use the start sending now key.

Oh yes, a word for you guys with nice snappy calls of the type 
N#xx who like to swoop on me at 35wpm. There is no way that I 
can respond as quickly as you would wish/expect, else my fat 
fingers will generate QSD. That is one of the downsides of 
computer logging for me, as I can easily do it on the paddle. 
otoh if you send "de N#xx" it's not a problem, although the 
psychology of this is not *entirely* clear to me.

Sure I can respond on the paddle, but then I have to toggle the 
computer CW with Alt/K  to avoid sending garbage when I log the 
Q, and that's where we came in; hey ho.


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