[TRLog] Using Sound Card Voice Keyer.

Arsaell Oskarsson aosk@isl.is
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 17:50:30 -0000

Would like to get some help on connecting the SB card to use as a Voice
I have previously tried to use it, but after a short time of use in a
contest, everything froze up in the computer and after restarting the
computer 2 times, we gave up and since then we haven't used any voice keyer.
Could the problem have been in RF reaching the computer? Is there any
special isolation between computer and radio suggested?
We used it with an old 486/25, but have now 486/100, but as said earlier,
haven't tried with that one.
Any suggestions ?

73's de TF3AO (one of TF3IRA gang)


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