[TRLog] SBDVP and TR

K4BEV@aol.com K4BEV@aol.com
Sun, 25 Feb 2001 22:09:35 EST

SBDVP drove me nuts (still does).
I have to go to the Start menu in Windows and hit Shut Down and then Restart 
in MS-DOS mode.
I then run the following batch program (its in the C:\Log directory) :

[BLAST.BAT]  == I type in blast at the dos prompt and away we go.

set blaster=a220 i5 d1 t6
CD C:\log\contests\2001\cq160ssb
sbdvp -u

I change the last directory name for each contest.
Your blaster paramaters may be different - your directory structure may 
differ, but I hope this helps.

73 - Don, K4BEV

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