[TRLog] SBDVP and TR

Igor Sokolov Igor Sokolov" <ua9cdc@dialup.mplik.ru
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 13:26:36 +0500

> I have tried running this thing from the DOS command without entering
> Windows. I have tried it from Win 98 and a DOS window.

It works here just fine both from DOS and from Win 98. I have been using it
for more then 2 years now.

> The only thing that does work is the F10 recording that comes with the
> SBDVP software. When I try to record, I can get F1 to come on, but it
> does not record anything, just plays back some clicking sounds.

That means that there is no input to the card when you are trying to record.
It is much easier to set everything properly from Win98 but if you run it
from DOS look for some DOS mixer utility that should be supplied with the
card and set recording there properly. In your case either the source is
wrong or the recording level setting is wrong.

> The SB card is fine. I am using it with PSK31, MMTTY, DX4WIN, eetc.

All that you have listed above is probably run from under Win98. Dos is
different and you need proper drivers and settings of the mixer utility.

> I am running a TS850SAT, Celeron 700MHz PC with 128 mb ram. I have set
> my stacks, etc. I have a autoexec.bat path statement.

ISA based Creative Sound Blister is the best choise for it comes supplied
with all the required drivers and utilities. Modern PCI cards are much more
troubles. I still keep the original Creative SB 16 that I have bought about
6 years ago. It goes to every new computer I get while upgrading.

> Anyone else got any ideas?

If you manage to play F10 file back - that is a good sign. Just look for
some record settings. It is there. I would suggest you still do it in a dos
box from under Win 98,
then standard win98 mixer will work (unless something different is loaded
while loading DOS box).

Igor, UA9CDC

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