Jean Giesler w4tyu@icx.net
Mon, 02 Jul 2001 01:06:11 +0000

I have been entering our club Field Day Logs in TR to create a dupe 
sheet.  All went smoothly until I started entering the PSK31 logs which 
fall into the digital mode.

After each 8 or 9 entries, the computer would lock up and have to be 
re-booted. Another 8 or 9 entries and it would lock up again.

I am using a Celeron 633 processor with 128 meg memory running Windows 
98 (second edition).  TR Log is run in the DOS mode.

Other than this "bug" the program ran smoothly.  In fact in about 12 
years of using TR this is the first problem I have seen

Jean  W4TYU

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