[TRLog] Blind CQ outside the sprint?

Udo DL2ZAV dl2zav@darc.de
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 23:39:49 +0200

Sometimes I prefer to work in S&P mode on the main radio and to call CQ on
the second radio just "to be there" (I don't get runs with low power and no
antenna). I know about Alt-D, but that is too much fumbling when the main
job is S&Ping and not running stations.
I tried to use ALWAYS CALL BLIND CQ in a "normal" contest (no QSY rule) -
without success. Sometimes (after a CQ-mode QSO on the second radio) I ended
up calling blind CQ on the wrong (i.e. main) radio on top of a station I
wanted to pounce.

The blind CQ is issued after the CQ exchange. This is correct for the sprint
because I have to QSY on the main radio after completing the CQ mode QSO.
This is the time to call CQ on the other radio.

In a non-sprint contest I would need the blind CQ after the SAP exchange:
I'm only waiting for the "TU" on the main radio, will then QSY there and go
on searching the band. This is the time to call CQ on the other radio.

When I tune on radio 1, it's time to call CQ on radio 2.
In a sprint I tune radio 1 after a _CQ mode_ QSO on radio 1.
Outside the sprint, in the situation mentioned above I tune radio 1 after a
_SAP mode_ QSO on radio 1.

So I think, the blind CQ should be issued after the CQ exchange when SPRINT
QSY RULE = TRUE, but after the SAP exchange when FALSE; or in the latter
case blind CQ should be disabled altogether.

(For situations with _both_ radios in CQ mode, we already have dualing CQs,
no need for blind CQ there.)



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