[TRLog] CtrlC-CtrlD messages update

Clive Whelan clive_whelan@btinternet.com
Thu, 08 Mar 2001 18:41:07 GMT

I am indebted to Ron, KK1L for giving me the clue to tracking 
this down.

His messages were in (say) CQ SSB MEMORY F1 etc, whereas mine 
were in the ordinary CQ MEMORY F1 etc. I was under the 
impression that the " standard" memories worked on either mode, 
but the CQ or SSB memories only worked on the relevant mode. 
However it appears for me at least that the standard memories ( 
F12 and F11 in fact) are only working on CW.

Did I misunderstand the rules, and if this is right should it 
not be found in the manual somewhere?




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