[TRLog] SO2R question

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Thu, 8 Mar 2001 20:49:48 -0800

> I'm getting hooked on real SO2R.  I have figured out about everything, but
> in my testing
> I'm not sure I have one function set up properly.
> in the TWORADIO mode:
>  If I make a RADIO 2 QSO and hear someone answer my RADIO 1 CQ  I can
> enter the call on the EXCHANGE LINE     /N6TR   and when I finish sending
> the Report
> on RADIO 2  I hear N6TR sent on the computer AUDIO  while sending the
> exchange and again before switching back to
> RADIO 1 where the call pops up into the CALL WINDOW.  I then hit enter and
> the call is sent.
> My question is why is the call sent in CW over the computer speaker
> (nothing is being keyed)

Because I left a test message in the program.  It will be fixed
in the release coming out this weekend.


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