[TRLog] v6.57 non receipt

George Fremin III - K5TR geoiii@kkn.net
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 12:12:01 -0800

On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 01:45:06PM -0600, Gilbert Baron Yahoo wrote:
> I did not get mine either. I am not even certain they have the correct
> address.

The list was lost in a hard drive crash at contesting.com.

You might have seen this message:


> I really HATE the way this is done but it is all we have. It is much better
> than the bulletin board but a secure FTP is how this should be done.

I am sorry you hate how this is done.
It works very well for us at the moment.

I dont like FTP - manily because i usually turn off the FTP
servers and FTP ports on all the machines I have on the net. 
FTP is one of the ways folks break in to machines since 
user names and passwords are sent as clear text.

We have looked at provding a secure web based password 
protected way for you to download the files and we may do 
this at some point soon - but our time is limited and
we get to these frills as we can.

> I sent my correct address to George but I don't know if he is the correct
> person. SO far I have no reply so I don't know, but it was only yesterday so
> that is not unexpected.

I am the person.

I have been very busy this past week.
I have been spending most of the morning beating the pile down.


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