[TRLog] v6.57 non receipt

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 15:08:32 -0800

> I did not get mine either. I am not even certain they have the correct
> address.


Here is the message I sent about two weeks ago.  I guess some of
you missed it:


One of the casualties of the recent contesting.com meltdown was
the loss of the TR Log update list for those of you not in
Europe or Japan (those lists are maitained by SM3OJR and JE1CKA).

The list had over 500 callsigns on it, so it is going to take some
work to get this recreated.

If you are a registered user who either has purchased the program
during the past year, has paid your $15 annual fee during the past
year, or are a life member, you will need to send me an e-mail to
get back on the list.

To minimize the amount of work on my end, I would like everyone
to follow some simple instructions.

1. Send your messages to tree@jzap.com.  This will allow me to
put all of the messages in one place to deal with them more

2. If you are a life member - please indicate this in the subject
line of your message.

3. In the text of your message, put your callsign in lower case
characters, followed by a space, then your e-mail address surrounded
by <>'s, followed by a comma.

For example:

n6tr <tree@jzap.com>,

This format will allow me to copy the data directly into the 
distribution file.

If you need to pay up, please contact k5tr@kkn.net for instructions.


73 Tree N6TR

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