Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 21:06:23 -0800

> Thanks to all for the direct replies.
> As was noted by N7GC & others, the very popular & therefore no doubt very
> good RTTY by WF1B software is now available for free.
> But as K4BEV, K6KYJ & myself noted, Tree said something about doing
> something to The Best Darn Logging Software Ever Created for RTTY.
> YAPP will soon be retired at VR2BG!

Well, before you throw away that free software - here are my thoughts
about TR and RTTY:

1. I will implement minimal RTTY functionality - so that you can
actually use the program in an RTTY contest.  You pretty much do
all the same keystrokes as you would for a CW contest.  

2. The Best Logging Software for RTTY is probably a windows 
application and makes use of a mouse.  This ain't going to 
happen with TR.

I guess my goal is to put enough functionality in there so that
if you wanted to get on and work guys, you can.  

There are still some rough edges - so there isn't any kind of
warranty.  I have used it in the past few major RTTY events and 
it does work.  I even added a inverse fig state display area.

So - to enable it, put RTTY PORT = SERIAL x in your LOGCFG.DAT
file.  Get yourself into DIG mode (you will need to enable the

When you do this, the bottom half of the screen will show what
the TNC is sending.  You can use F10 to talk to the TNC to get it
initialized.  You can later use F10 to send RTTY from the keyboard.
All of the function key and QSO messages will be sent to the TNC.
The right control characters are sent for my old MFJ TNC (Control-R
and Control-T).  You can change the characters if needed with

You will need to press F1 to call CQ.  Hitting ENTER doesn't work
yet.  You should be able to use \ for your call, and # for a QSO

Have fun.


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