Udo DL2ZAV dl2zav@darc.de
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 21:58:39 +0100

Nice feature.
Nevertheless, Tree probably is right about Windows and the mouse for RTTY.

I got it working for a quick check with MMTTY on a second computer using
TNC241 emulation,
4800 7E1

Switched off bandmap and set packet port = none (there is no warning when
assigning those two funtions to the same serial port)

Received text appears on the screen, some problems with missing line feeds.

F10 is ok, keys MMTTY and sends text typed.
I can't get the other funtion keys to work. Function key text is displayed
on TR screen, Ctl-T and Ctl-R seem to be ok too, but there is nothing in
between. MMTTY switches to TX and after a short hold time back to RX, not
sending text.

Any other experiences?


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