[TRLog] IC-706 interface

Floyd Smithberg Floyd Smithberg" <flydnq7x@primenet.com
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:23:54 -0700

Making a HB interface for TR656+/486TP to IC706MKIIG using  K6XX
cct...getting one way communication...rig follows the computer but no
control from the rig....
TR logcfg: Radio one type = IC-706
                Radio one receiver address = 78
                Radio one baud rate = 4800
                Radio one name = IC-706
IC-706: 34 CI-V address  4EH
              35 CI-V Baud     AUTO
              36 CI-V TRN     OFF
              37 CI-V  731      OFF
CI-V  Stereo Plug to rig is wired: tip = CI-V signal
                                                  ring = n/c
                                                  body = gnd
 Would appreciate any suggestions......TIA
73 Floyd NQ7X Phoenix,AZ ScQRPion DM33uq

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