[TRLog] stdcfg.dat override?

Clive Whelan clive_whelan@btinternet.com
Sat, 17 Mar 2001 00:25:54 GMT

 Tree N6TR wrote:
> Not in stdcfg.dat I am afraid.  It is processed BEFORE the contest
> specific config file - and therefore any contest specific message
> will over-write the value set in the stdcfg.dat file.

I *think* we are antiphase here?

Yes I *do* want the message overwritten by logcfg.dat, but that is 
*not* happening.

Re CQ AltF2, this is used as the "dummy" CQ in SO2R, and I want to 
try something like " de GW3NJW QRL" instead of "test \ \ test" to 
give the massive pile up ( NOT) a more accurate idea of what is 
going on. Of course I could easily modify stdcfg.dat itself, but 
knowing me, I'd forget to change it back, and then wonder later what 
was happening!



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