[TRLog] PK-232 Packet Setup - Help

Dick Stepanian w6tk@juno.com
Sat, 17 Mar 2001 16:58:04 -0800

Hi All,
        I sent out a query a few weeks ago and got a few responses...but
am still having problems trying to get my PK-232 to work with TR.  I have
no problem using it with LogPlus or CT but can't make it play with TR. 
The result is jibberish on the screen in CTRL-B mode.  
        I have set the following in the .CFG file:
                PACKET PORT = SERIAL 2
                PACKET BAUD RATE = 2400
                EIGHT BIT PACKET PORT = TRUE
        I also have a few other packet preferences set but I think the
problem may be related to something I have or have not done in relation
to the above commands.  Does it matter where these commands are in the
config file..i.e. - do they have to be Before or After something?
        By the way when in TR and at the operating window I get NO
response with a CTRL-U command...that doesn't seem right either???  I get
the packet window with a CTRL-B but just jibbersih on the screen.  I have
tried to re-cycle the PK-232 power so that it will adjust to the correct
baud rate and that doesn't seem to help either.  I even wired up an
adapter to bring in pins 2,3, and 7 ONLY into the 25 pin connector on the
back of the PK-232.  That didn't seem to help either.  LogPlus and CT
still work fine with only those pins wired.  It is a 9 pin on the
computer end.

         I usually operate Single Op, but like to use packet(assisted
mode) on occasion, especially when I have limited time available for a
contest...but I can't seem to make it play with TR.  Would like to use TR
exclusively but I need some help????

Thanks and 73's
Dick - W6TK

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