[TRLog] WPX rule change

Tim Totten, N4GN n4gn@n4gn.com
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 14:01:33 -0500 (EST)

The rule change craze has struck again.  I guess someone poll tested
the question, and a majority of over-the-hill middle class white guys
favored changing the WPX M/S category rules.  I wish the pollsters would
have called me!

Yes, I know, I should always re-read the rules for every contest as soon
as they are published, but I slipped up this time.  I've been living under
a rock, so I didn't realize until yesterday that the rules had been
changed.  So now I'm scrambling to rewrite the entire game plan for the
M/S we were planning at KY4AA this wknd.

I checked with N8BJQ, and he confirmed that they want to see a single log
with consecutive serial numbers.  I guess I've never done a multi-op where
the serial numbers had to be sequential over multiple stations.  I
obviously need to try this out in the lab when I get home, but
conceptually, there would seem to be lots of opportunities to mess this
up.  What if the link goes down?  What if the process of working someone
on the second radio takes two minutes because of QRM/QSB/whatever, and two
or three QSOs are made on the first radio in the meanwhile?  Won't the
numbers be off then?  What if both stations try to give someone the same
QSO number?  Does one of them have to go back and say "I'm sorry, you're
not QSO 2173.  The other station worked someone else, so now you're QSO

Does anyone have any words of advice on how to minimize the pain here?  Or
is this just not the problem I'm envisioning?


Tim Totten, n4gn@n4gn.com

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